The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum - Knucklehead

1946 Harley-Davidson FL “Knucklehead”

1946 Harley-Davidson  FL “Knucklehead”

In 1946, President Truman declared the official end of WWII, the first computer was designed, the first bikini was modeled in Paris, Joe Louis was heavyweight champ, and professional baseball had their first night games. It was also the year that this Harley Davidson FL rolled out the factory door and seeing this bike on display at the 18th Annual Super Show and Swap in Colorado Springs grabbed my attention and required a closer inspection.

1947 Harley-Davidson FL “Knucklehead”

It was in back in 1947 that Harley-Davidson first introduced the classic black motorcycle jacket. It was also the year that approximately 4000 bikers attended a rally in Hollister, California and proceeded to have a good time. Events escalated to the point that it was more than the local law could handle alone so they called in the state patrol for reinforcements and by the time the event was over there were around 60 people injured and numerous arrests made. The media had a heyday and completely blew things out of perspective (imagine that!).


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